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Hopefully you have noticed the Sunday service times have changed. We now meet at 8AM and 10AM. Our 1st Sunday of the month potluck is back starting February 7 at 9am. Hope you will all come at that time so we will have that time each month get to know our fellow parishioners. After all we all make up St. Peter's membership.



 Our Annual Meeting was held on January 31. We had a  beautiful spread of food just before the meeting. This year we had 46 members and 2 guest in attendance.


Fr. Kenn opened the meeting with a prayer. The minutes for last years meeting were presented in writing. The motion to accecpt as presented was made, seconded and passed. Nancy Emrick presented the 2015 year end financial report which was also accepted as presented. The 2016 budget was presented and discussed. Each of the Ministry chairs that were present gave a short report. Lew Myrick, Martha Hughes and Dan Brostowicz were elected to the Bishop Committee for three year terms. Due to Scott Diffendaffer deciding not to run for People's Warden we were once more searching for a new canidate, Bob Willoughby was good enough to volunteer for the job.  At that time he was quickly elected to the position before he could change his mind.  Fr. Kenn appointed John Fossen as the Bishop's Warden and we adjourned for another year.







thank you

Thanks to all of you who were able to come and help us celebrate during January. First off we celebrated Fr. Kenn and Theresa's marriage with a wonderful dinner and then Fr. Kenn's installation by the Bishop as our Vicar.


Both occasions filled the sanctuary and Burton Hall for a beautiful and fun time for all. Special thanks to all who worked on both the wedding dinner for Fr. Kenn and Theresa and also for the wonderful reception for the 90 guests at Fr. Kenn's installation. Everything was wonderful both nights.




Since we will be going back to two services at 8 and 10 on Feb. 7, those serving at 9 will serve at 10.  If there are any cancellations for Feb., we can call on those that were serving at the 11:15 service.
I will schedule March and April about the middle of Feb.  If you are not able to serve, please let me know as soon as possible. Otherwise, please notify the office or me.

Cheryl Enders
Cell:  414-378-2546
Home:  520-423-8360


Worship Assistant Schedule February 2016 (click here to open)


Please check for when you will be serving as changes have been made Effective 2/1/16!

This schedule includes Acolytes, Chalice Bearers, Greeters, Readers, Oblation Bearers, BC Members, Sunday School Teachers, Nursery Workers and Altar Guild. 


If you need to make a change please find someone to fill in for you asap and notify the office of the change.

Thank you. 

Cheryl Enders




Foyer Groups

The group list has been posted in Burton Hall. Be sure to get the names and phone numbers of everyone in your group so you can get started.



 8:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite I (spoken)


10:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite II with Traditional Music - Sunday School - Nursery Available




Sunday February 7

Last Sunday after the Epiphany 


Wednesday February 10



Sunday February 14

1st Sunday in Lent


Wednesday February 17

5:30 pm Service, 6pm Soup, 7pm Episcopal 101/102


Sunday February 21

2nd Sunday in Lent


Wednesday February 24

St. Matthias Feast

5:30 pm Service, 6pm Soup, 7pm Episcopal 101/102


Sunday February 28

3rd Sunday in Lent




During Lent there will be a Service on every Wednesday at 5:30 followed by a Soup & Bread Dinner at 6pm, followed by a Episcopal 101/102 lesson and discussion at 6:30.  Sign up in Burton Hall to bring Soup or Bread for the week.


St. Peter's Clergy & Staff




The Rev. Kenneth Katona


Tues-Fri 10 AM - 4 PM

Sat - By appointment




Dianne Lovato



9 AM - 1 PM


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We Pray For

We ask for prayers of comfort and healing for:  Owen, Ron, Kathy, Theresa, Donna, Georgia, Pat, Jeffery, Matthew, Cherie, Ted, Aimee, Lee, Helen, Joyce, and all those who, in this transitory life, that are in trouble, sorrow, need, sickness, or any other adversity



Give to the departed eternal rest; especially Andy. Let light perpetual shine upon them:

 "For Pete's Sake"

            I've been with you nine months now and want to thank you so much for everything. The way you have all welcomed, included, and worked me is indicative of the loving nature of this congregation. As I am sure you are all aware, this is my first time being a vicar, and I want to thank you all for your patience.

            Some four months ago, I asked you all to do the most difficult thing a priest can ask of their congregation, that is, change the service times... You did so with grace, humility, and a spirit of wanting to experiment and try new things. Of course, now I am asking you to do the second most difficult thing a parish can do... change the service times back. As we go back to the drawing board regarding our contemporary service, I want to say thank you for indulging me in this experiment. There were many successes we will be building on, and a few things we will let go of. In all, I would say that our spirit and resolve to grow as a parish is quite strong and intact.

            We have seen a great amount of growth during this last year with roughly 20 new folks that have made St. Peter's their church home. This is about 30% of our ASA (Average Sunday Attendance which is 60) and is something that we should celebrate! This is of course reflective of the excitement in the pews, and the ministry of the laity here at St. Peter's. Just a few months ago, St. Peter's was all a buzz in the Diocesan office as they had heard that we had ten baptisms on All Saints Sunday. For those of you who were there, you'll remember that it was an amazingly joyous occasion. We really are a community focused on Christ and welcoming all.

            I would like to say thank you all so very much for working with me to find new and different ways for St. Peter's to share the gospel. Specifically for your willingness to experiment with ways of trying to share the love of Jesus with those who have yet to darken our doors. A special thank you for indulging me in attempting new and different things, especially the contemporary service. One of the most difficult things a parish can do is change the service times, we have now done this twice. We are currently going back to the drawing board on this, but I will say that there is much to be joyful about as there is success to build upon. I will say that once the service times of 8am and 10am are put back into place next week, I will not be changing them.

            I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helps to make St. Peter's parish all that it is. I would start naming specific people, but I know that I would forget someone, and I would hate to dishonor you all in that way, so a brief and general thank you to our winter visitors, and our year round core group, we could not exist and function in the way that we do without you. We are all a part of shining the light of Jesus Christ upon Casa Grande, and each one of us who volunteers in a role here makes all of this possible. This is why I will no longer use the word committee. Each of us is a minister, joining in the priesthood of all believers to share the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus with our community and beyond, therefore, all of the work of the church is a ministry, so thank you all so very much for your ministry. I am honored to serve you all as your vicar.


The peace of Christ be always with you,


Fr. Kenn Katona






I want to thank everyone who availed themselves the opportunity to participate in the process of the Annual Meeting whereby Church business was open to the members at large. Our church provides for the orderly management of its affairs by hearing from those who wish to speak on the agenda items, or for that matter, issues that may be of particular interest to the person requesting to be heard. It reinforces the concept of the democratic process. Courtesy prevailed throughout the meeting and we were able to conclude the work of the church in a timely fashion. I especially want to thank the entire ministry Leaders/Chairmen for their dedicated service while volunteering to fulfill the needs of each and every ministry that we offer. I also want to thank those new Bishop's Committee members who placed their names in nomination and were subsequently elected for a three year term. The health of our church is clearly manifested in the willingness of its members to serve. We have a full contingency of Bishop Committee members going forward which makes our job easier while attempting to conduct church business. More ideas are expressed allowing us to come to conclusions that best suit the needs of our Congregation. I want to especially thank Scott Diffendaffer for his outstanding service over the years. These will be hard "shoes to fill", but I am confident that Bob Willoughby will provide the necessary leadership to get the job completed when issues arise. Special thanks to Helenor Webb, Nancy Emrick and Craig Scott for their service - all of whom have retired as Bishop's Committee members. It was a particular honor for me that Father Kenn announced his decision to re-appoint me as the Bishop's Warden. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of this position during my tenure. Many new initiatives have been offered since his arrival, but much more still needs to be accomplished. Hopefully the continuity in our respective roles will garner measurable results during the ensuing year, 2016.    


John Fossen, Bishop's Warden.







dok LOGO

There will be an Orientation Meeting for prospective Daughters of the King.  The meeting will be held on February 21st at 9:00 am between the 8:00 and the 10:00 church services.


 Prospective members will be provided with a National Study Guide, National Handbook and Bylaws of the Order, and the schedule of study session will be determined during meeting.  If you are planning to attend, please contact Pennie Sifly at 803 603-4429 to make sure there is enough information for everyone.  


If you are unable to attend this meeting; however, interested in becoming a daughter, please contact Pennie Sifly.







Spiritual Gifts are given to all of us by God. Using these gifts to develop an active ministry with your church community can be a powerful experience. Learning about your Spiritual Gifts is a process of personal discovery and allows you to focus on who you are as a gifted and empowered person of God.

During this workshop, Canon Cathy Black will guide you as you complete a Spiritual Gifts Inventory. Through a group activity, she will help you identify how you can best use your gifts within the ministries that our church is involved with currently. She will also explore with us opportunities that our church may dream of doing.

This workshop is not about seeing what you are good at so that you can be pressured to volunteer. It is about working together to discern how to do God's will in the way that is best suited to who we are as unique and beloved individuals joined in community.


There will be a workshop at St. Peter's on February 13 at 9am. This is open to everyone.





President's Day, February 15, we will have Morning Prayer at 10AM. This will be a special service using a 1662 Book of Common Prayer. This is the same prayer book our Founding Fathers would have used. Be sure to mark your calendars, and lets all travel to the past for a short time..





Hi All it's me again, with our winter altar members leaving fairly soon we could really use some volunteers to serve on the altar guild.  This is such a rewarding ministry please pray and think about it.  If you have any questions please contact me.


Thank You

Patricia Dennis




Happy New Year from the Kitchen Crew!



The monthly brunches are back! Mark your calendar for the first Sunday of each month as "Brunch Sunday". Brunch will be held between the 8am and 10am services. Bring your favorite brunch item to share with your St. Peter's family. 


Coffee Hour: In Burton Hall is the sign up sheet for Coffee Hour. We need folks to sign up for the 8am coffee hour and for the 10am coffee hour. Like the brunch, Coffee Hour is a great way to connect with our church family, but we need YOU to make sure there are goodies after each service. Remember, it doesn't need to be anything fancy, just enough to share...St. Peter's will provide the coffee, cheese & crackers.


Lastly, we are always looking for new members of the Kitchen Crew to join us. If you are interested in volunteering, please email me at This hospitality ministry is an easy and great way to serve our church. 


Until next month, The Kitchen Crew







Just a gentle reminder to those who have not picked up their envelopes in the Narthex.  Any remaining after mid-February will be reassigned to other's requesting envelopes during the year.  United Thank Offering boxes are on the table in the Narthex to be taken and returned during lent with loose change donation.  If you put your name on the box, I will see that your donation to UTO is on your year end giving statement.  Contribution statements have been given or mailed out for 2015.  It's been a good year and hoping it will be even better for 2016 with pledges continuing to be sent in.  Thank you to all who have replied.


Nancy Emrick, Treasurer




Up Coming Events you don't want to miss!



Feb  7 - Service Time Change, Potluck Brunch 9AM


Feb 15 - Special Morning Prayer 10AM - This is a President's Day Special from the 1662 BCP

Feb 17 - Start Wednesday Night Service 5:30- Soup 6:00 - Episcopal 101/102 7:00

Feb 13 - Spiritual Gifts Inventory Workshop - 9am-12:00PM


Wednesday Mornings - Start your day with Morning Prayer 10am - Burton Hall

Thursday Mornings Ladies of the Church Craft Program - 10:00am


 St Peter's Calendar of Events (link) 

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Ash Wednesday and Lent are just around the corner. On Ash Wednesday, we will have a special service at 6PM.

Starting on the 17th, there will be weekly Wednesday night services at 5:30. After the service, we will regroup in Burton Hall for some great homemade soup and bread. Of course we will need volunteers to sign up to bring the soup and bread. After this, we will have a very short break followed by an Episcopal 101/102 instruction and discussion get together.

Anything you wanted to know why we do that. Or have forgotten why we do that? Come on out and get your answers. We know some of us here at St. Peter's are new to our faith and others like myself are what we call a "Cradle Episcopalian". That just means we were baptized in the Episcopal Church as an infant.

At times, all of us can use a good refresher as to all the WHY's. I know I can. Hope to see you there.















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