Worship Assistant Ministry
Leader: Cheryl Enders

The Worship Assistant Ministry consist of all the Lay people who assist the Clergy at each service. It is made up of all different positions that must be scheduled and filled at each service. Some of the positions and their responsibilities are list below. Keeping track of who is doing what is all under the leadership of Cheryl Enders who does the scheduling.


ACOLYTES: Children and adults serve at the altar assisting our priest during our services. Duties include lighting and extinguishing candles, carrying the cross in the procession and recession, and assisting with Communion. We also have our Beadles that are children too young to be acolytes but are able to participate by carrying the Gospel Book during the procession and at the reading.


LAY EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: The LEMs are responsible for administering the chalice to communicants during the Holy Eucharist.

LECTORS: Our lectors are individuals with public reading skills who "speak God's Word," through the reading of the Sunday lessons appointed for each particular service. The lectors also read the Prayers of the People at each service.

GREETERS: Our greeters stand by our entrance door and warmly welcome all visitors, newcomers, and parishioners to our service each Sunday. A welcome bag is presented to visitors containing information about our parish, and gifts of a hand-stitched needlepoint cross and a condiment jar of prickly pear jam made by the St. Peter’s “Jammers”. These members facilitate the welcome to visitors, inviting them to Burton Hall for fellowship and introduce them to other members of the St. Peter’s community.

OBLATIONERS: Oblationers are congregants who bring forward the "gifts of the People" (i.e., the bread, wine, and water) to the altar during each service. 

USHERS: Ushers assist with seating and directing congregants to the altar for Communion. They also take the offering to the altar during the Offertory. 


  July 2018  
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