May 2019   
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Communications Ministry
Leader: Dianne Lovato

COMMUNICATIONS MINISTRY: The Parish Administrator leads a team of volunteers that strive to keep the St. Peter’s community informed of church ministries and activities.  In addition to the announcements in the Sunday bulletins, three other media are utilized to communicate with the parish:


1.     St. Peter’s Newsletter “The Cross and Keys” is a monthly e-newsletter,written and edited by Dianne Lovato, which includes as many announcements and updates of the different ministries and events within St. Peter’s as is possible.  The vicar offers a monthly article as do the Bishop’s Warden and People’s Warden.  Notices of upcoming events and other news items are also published.  The “Cross and Keys” is distributed to recipients over the internet media. (Copies are printed and placed in the narthex for those people not connected to the internet.)  Most of our members automatically receive the newsletter via the internet. The newsletter is open to anyone asking to be included in the distribution list.

2.    St. Peter’s Website is often the church’s first opportunity to welcome people.  It describes who we are, and where we are – even including directions to the church.  Service times, church information, and other items of interest are maintained here.  In addition, activities and items of general interest are showcases. Dianne tries to keep this updated and current.

3.    St. Peter’s Facebook Page is our church’s social media platform.  We strive to update this page daily.  Each day a Morning Prayer post is made that is comprised of collects of the liturgical season and a hymn or anthem appropriate to  the prayers. Memes of a spiritual nature are often posted, as well as humorous Episcopal-related cartoons for the amusement of the viewer.  More importantly, upcoming events are announced and sometimes advertised to the Greater Casa Grande community use Facebook’s notification algorithms.  Photographs of church-related events and people punctuate the page in an effort to document the life of our parish. We have Lew Myrick to thank for all the hard work going into this page on a daily basis.