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Zoom Connections

After you get a Zoom email invitation to join a meeting, use these desktop or laptop Instructions. If you are using a smartphone, download the Zoom app to begin:

  1. click link in your invitation email (sample shown below) that is in bold -
  2. Download program?  Click yes. Install program? Click Yes. It will say you will join automatically. If you don't join automatically, click to join.
  3. Find mute/unmute Once you are joined to meeting, 'unmute' your computer audio so you can speak and hear. Go to the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. There is a small image of a microphone with a line through it.  When you hover over it, small window opens asking if you want to 'unmute', or conversely, 'mute' if your speakers are turned on. Place it on 'mute' and press your spacebar to talk.
  4. Turn on/off your image If you cannot see your own image, and only your name appears in a black box, go to same bottom left-hand area of computer screen. Hover over image of video camera and click 'start video'. You will see your image on screen.

3 Tips for a great visit on Zoom:

  1. Please mute yourself until you need to speak. Microphones pick up the smallest noise and magnify it - paper rustling, a dog drinking on the other side of the room - it becomes distracting to meeting if there are several people who have background noise being picked up.


  1. Allow a small pause before speaking so we don't speak over one another. Another way is to raise a hand to indicate, as if in person, that one wants to speak. And of course, talking over will still happen even with the best of intentions, and all shall be well.


  1. Video calls are way different than phone calls. Being quiet is okay. That’s the beauty of seeing each other; we can still communicate. Remember, people will see you, see your background. Pick a place with a simple background so the focus is on you, not a cluttered view.


Here's what a typical email will look like:

Father Dave Rickert is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Pastoral Care Weekly Check-in
Time: Mar 31, 2020 01:30 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting (this is the place where you will click)

Meeting ID: 163 530 810 (You may be required to enter this on your smartphone app)




St. Peter's Directory

Are you in our directory? When we are unable to gather in person, our directory keeps us close and connected. Please make sure the office has your email, then go to

Smartphone Download mobile app at Apple® App store in iTunes®, Google Play™ store or Amazon Fire App Store. Search for “Instant Church Directory”.


PDF Please email St. Peter's and we will send you instructions. PDF copy will not always be as current as accessing the Instant Church Directory website.


Please keep us current with any changes to your information by sending email to St. Peter's Communications.

Please Continue Your Stewardship


Pledges & Donations As you are able, please continue your support of the St. Peter's by mailing your pledge to the Church or using your bank’s online bill pay systems. You can also pay online by credit card by using the donate below located at the upper right hand corner of your screen. Besides paying for your pledge here, you can also donate to our ministries.

Never been to an Episcopal Church before?

That's ok! The Episcopal Church is sometimes called the "middle way" because we fall somewhere between Protestant and Roman Catholic in our Liturgy. Here is what to expect for your first virtual visit to St. Peter's. Whether you are passing through, feeling God's call, or searching for guidance and answers, you belong here at St. Peter's. Please feel comfortable and at home. We welcome all; seriously! Notice our church dog, Girly, in the aisle?

Expansive Language Services

On certain Saint Dayss thoughout the year, St. Peter's uses expansive language. In these services, we still follow Holy Eucharist Rite 2 from the Book of Common Prayer, however you will notice that the language is more inclusive.