May 2019   
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Excursion Ministry
Leader: Kari Davis

EVENTS AND EXCURSION MINISTRY: This is the ministry dedicated to fun!  Coming together and spending time getting to know one another is the main objective for this group activity.  During the winter months, there is the Foyer Group to enjoy. This is an activity where groups of six people meet for dinner and fellowship.  People are assigned to different groups each season, such that over time, members are able to become personal friends to their fellow parishioners.  Events like Faith and Family Night at the Diamondback’s Ballpark, theater parties, trips to venues like Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa or the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm and visits to the Greek Orthodox Monastery are some of the activities of this Events and Excursion Ministry. When the opportunity to do something special comes along, this is the ministry that gets the ball rolling.  Church in the Park is becoming a popular annual event, where Holy Eucharist is celebrated in a pavilion at a local park, followed by a pot luck open-air picnic.