What To Expect
Rite 1 Mass

8am Holy Eucharist

At our 8 o'clock service, we use Rite 1 from the Book of Common Prayer. This service is full of beautiful traditional language! This is the service of the "thees", "thous" and "thys". 

Traditionally, this service contains a lot of incense and candles, but at St. Peter's we reserve the incense for special liturgical holidays or the ocasional evening prayer.

So don't worry if you are sensitive to the smell of incense, you can still enjoy this beautifully tradtional service!



Rite 2 Mass

10am Holy Eucharist

Our 10 o'clock service is a lot more lively! At this service, the language is modern but the music is traditional.


This service usually has a bigger attendance than the 8 o'clock service with families and children.

Love God and Love your Neighbor

We Welcome You! Whether you are passing through, feeling God's call, or searching for guidance and answers, you are welcomed here at St. Peter's. It is our hope, that the moment that you walk through those red doors, you will feel comfortable and at home. 



Never been to an Episcopal Church before? That's ok! The Episcopal Church is sometimes called the "middle way" because we fall somewhere between Protestant and Roman Catholic in our Liturgy. Here is what to expect for your first visit to St. Peter's.

Once you arrive to St. Peter's and walk through those red doors you will be greeted by a member of St. Peter's, and they will hand you the days bulletin. This bulletin is a life saver because it will tell you when to stand and when to sit and if you feel comfortable, when to kneel. The bulletin will also contain the days lessons, which are pieces of scripture taken from the Old Testament, the New Testament, a Psalm, and a reading from the Gospel. 


Expansive Language Services

On certain Sundays thoughout the year, St. Peter's holds a service using expansive language. This expansive language is approved by the Diosean Convention.

In this service, we still follow Holy Eucharist Rite 2 from the Book of Common Prayer, however you will notice that the language is more inclusive.



Love God and Love your Neighbor